7 Places To Retire In Style And Comfort

7 Places To Retire In Style And Comfort

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Retirement is a significant milestone in the life where we look forward to no longer have to trudge to the office in the early hours of the morning and can prioritize our own needs and desires. Retirement represents a cycle of changes in one’s life – you no longer have a job, your income is greatly reduced, you have much more time on your hands to enjoy the pleasures of a much more laid-back lifestyle.

Many of the 55+ age group are starting to think about our next move. Should I downsize to reduce my cost of living? Do I relocate to reduce property tax and/or income tax? Where can I find a place offering convenient access to shopping, health services, and social activities?

Many retirees choose to move out of the bustling cities, away from the noise and the pollution, the constant rush. Living in the Washington DC Metro area, there is a great appeal in moving to a friendlier, more cost effective environment to enjoy life.

Forbes recently published a list of the top 25 places to retire in 2016. Here are our select favorites:

1. Bella Vista, AR

Who wouldn’t want to live in a place that began as a summer holiday destination? Bella Vista is a gorgeous town located on the Springfield Plateau of the Ozark Mountains with a high population of senior citizens. If you like a bit of variety in your climate, this is the town for you. The higher altitude causes the residents of Bella Vista to experience varying temperature, with a taste of both rain and snowfall during the year. It has a top rank on the Milken Institute index of best cities for successful aging, with excellent health-care facilities and a strong economy.

2. The Villages, FL

Snowbirds will love this destination called “Florida’s friendliest hometown.” Situated near Orlando, it is one of the largest adult communities spanning three counties and endless amenities. The community has drawn retirees from around the world with the lure of warm weather, quality ranch homes and free golf for life.

3. Blacksburg, VA

Nestled in the New River Valley of southwest Virginia, with a pleasant climate, good air quality, and a robust economy, Blacksburg boasts of a high rank on the Milken Institute index. This town had a very advantageous location, at a distance of barely 270 miles from Washington DC. For people who want a change in their surroundings but don’t want to relocate too far from Washington, Blacksburg is the perfect destination.

4. Lincoln, NE

This is a beautiful city for senior citizens, a quaint mix of a state capital and a college town. It is situated fairly close to Omaha and the home to the University of Nebraska, offering ample courses and learning opportunities to spend one’s spare time productively. It also has a ranking on the Milken Institute index.

5. Colorado Springs, CO

Live amidst rolling parklands and gardens in this scenic town. The cool and crisp weather is perfect for those looking for a respite from heat and humidity. The robust local economy and good amenities make it a lovely place to retire.

7. Cape Coral, FL

For everyone looking forward to being a stereotypical snow bird, Cape Coral is your migration destination. I for one can definitely get used to the idea of living in sunny Florida. In my mind, nothing beats living near the Gulf of Mexico and enjoying the nearly round-the-year mild weather. Plus, it’s far more laid-back than Palm Beach.

8. Athens, GA

The town of the University of Georgia, Athens has a number of benefits for senior citizens including a restored victorian-era downtown, distinctive dining, historic architecture, trendy shops, events, and more

So take your pick and start packing. There’s no time like the present to make your retirement dreams a reality!

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